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Tarrant County Veterans Council

The Council was chartered in 1971 to provide an organization through which veterans members in the Tarrant County area could coordinate their efforts to better serve area veterans and their survivors. In addition to supporting our military and programs that sustain veterans, their spouses, widows and family members, we are probably best known for hosting the annual Veterans Day Parade every year in Downtown Fort Worth. 



President Dan Zmroczek

1st Vice Pres. Roland Paquette

2nd Vice Pres. Bruce Zielsdorf

Secretary & Finance Officer Pixie Wetmore

Chaplain David Fenn

Past Pres. Ken Cox

Board of Directors

Director 1 Larry Hoffman – Budget and Finance Chair

Director 2 Ken Cox – Parades Chair

Director 3 Terry Alger - Legislative Chair

Director 4 Lewis Knapp - Awards & Decorations Chair

Director 5 Bill Putman – Constitution & Bylaws Chair

Director 6 Dale Clark – Membership Chair

Charitable Status

Tarrant County Veterans Council (TCVC) is a Texas-based corporation recognized as tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code which allows for federal tax exemption of nonprofit organizations. In accordance with 26 U.S.C. § 170, donations to TCVC are deductible, for federal income tax purposes, for donors who make charitable contributions.

Contacting the Council
On the web:

Post Office mail:

Tarrant County Veterans Council

P.O. Box 16301

Fort Worth, TX 76162-0301

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A world of services...

The number of community, veterans service and philanthropic organization across the county, state & nation is almost incalculable, but click below to help get you started. 

How you can help...

Your Tarrant County Veterans Council appreciates donations. They help cover the cost of our ongoing work that isn’t paid out of member dues. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to join as well. TCVC is a volunteer organization with no paid employees.


All donations are used to support the Council’s mission. And everyone’s invited to help…  especially with special events.  Take a moment to check out our Parade website for various creative ways to contribute.

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